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Fiberstone Fountains & Birdbaths

Fiberstone Fountains & BirdbathsAdd a water feature to your space. Water always calms the spirit.

Fiber Stone is fiberglass with a mixture of sand and stones cast into the surface. It is followed by a carefully had painted stain to give the appearance of aged stone.

The advantages of Fiber Stone include its reinforced fiberglass backing keeping the piece lightweight and less fragile than concrete. It's also easier to move than identical concrete products and safe for outdoor use.

Cecilia Fountain 72" H Elegant Water Feature
Reg. Price: $1,799.99
Sale Price: $1,499.99
Cherub Mio Birdbath 48" tall
Reg. Price: $499.99
Sale Price: $469.99
Gargoyle Fatheaded Fountain - Statuary
Reg. Price: $309.99
Sale Price: $239.99

Fiberstone Fountains & Birdbaths