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2' Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops

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40 + pieces$62.45 ea.
Reg. Price:$69.95

Our newest fence is the wrought iron hairpin style with the all hoop design. Again we make this fencing by welding thick solid steel rod so you will have a finished product that will last for generations. Our clients have been asking for this continuous hoop pattern without sharp finials in the 2' height. This fencing connects together for enclosing a flower garden or border edging along paths and walkways.

Each panel is 24" tall and when installed will be 43.5" wide. The opening width is 3.25" between the hoops with the steel rod at 7/16".

Notice that we use loop pins to connect our fencing. Each panel comes with 1 loop pin. When your run of fencing ends you will need to purchase an extra loop pin. The pictures are showing 2 sections of fencing connected with the loop pins. I left the 3 pins taller in the run to explain this better in a few extra pictures. These 3 pins are used to complete a 2 section run. You will just need to purchase just 1 pin at the end.

Keep in mind that we are a welding shop and can build you posts for the ends to add strength and finish your project with an added flair.

2 Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops2 Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops2 Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops2 Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops2 Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops2 Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops
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2' Hairpin Wrought Iron Fence Panels - All Hoops