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Wrought Iron Fences & Gates

We make 3 ft to 6 ft tall wrought iron fences and gates fit your project. View how-to install videos and get free fencing quotes on antique style iron fencing and gates.

Our wrought iron fences and gates install simply and add a unique aesthetic to an outdoor space. Do it yourself, and do it your best. We also offer flower garden borders and iron fence edging for landscaping.

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rustic decor is designed to provide gardens with that classic Old Country look. Our wrought iron fences are great for flowering vines and climbing plants like Climbing Hydrangea, Black-eyed Susan Vine, and even Concord grapes. We also provide a wide selection of wrought iron arbors and trellises for all vine and climbing plant needs.

In addition to our wrought iron metal fences and gates, we provide hundreds of different furniture and accessory options for the garden. For avid gardeners who spend lots of time outdoors, be sure to check out our sundials. With proper placement a sundial's time is just as accurate as a pocket watch! We also have a vast assortment of garden stepping stones which can help when treading through the garden and also enhance the garden's aesthetic. For lounging, be sure to check out our wrought iron patio furniture which can help owners and guests better appreciate a unique outdoor space. Partner with us to create a dream garden!

Whether it's fine wrought iron fences and gates or fun lawn ornaments, we're the source for all outdoor living needs. Be sure to check back as we continue to update our inventory to better satisfy our customer's demands.

Wrought Iron Fences & Gates