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Wrought Iron 4' Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose Yards

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Wrought Iron 4' Tall Fencing - Metal Panels will enclose your yard for a nice perimeter.

Our 4-ft wrought iron fencing panels for sale are easy to install by yourself and will last a lifetime. Made in Illinois by hand, then welded steel for strength. This wrought iron fencing system stakes itself every 14.5" so no digging or posts are required throughout the main runs of fencing. Many customers will set permanent steel posts around the gateways and at the ends of each run for extra support, yet the fencing is designed to be, and can be installed with no posts at all.

After installation, the fence measures 48" tall to the tops of the hoops x 43.5" wide each. The gap distance between the vertical rods is 3 1/4" apart for those that are thinking of enclosing small dogs or puppies. The verticals and hoops are made of 7/16" solid steel rods. The horizontal bands are 1" wide, hole punched flat bands that overlap and interlock with a stake from section to section.

The ends have an open hole so the staking spears slide through to attach the fence together and then go into the ground 9". The fence sections have a longer stake between each hoop so there is an anchor every 14.5" throughout the run. VERY STURDY!

Fencing Measurements

48" Tall

43.5" - Installed Width

7/16" Diameter Solid Steel Rod

3 1/4" Opening Between Rods

Anchors in Ground Every 14.5"

Stakes 9" Into the Ground

1" Wide Horizontal Bands

See installation Video below.

Order gates and accessories below.

Since you get one stake with each section you will just need to buy one extra staking spear whenever your fence stops. Your fencing might stop for a gateway, tree, building or at the end of the run.

The stakes can be hammered down into the soil so one section goes in right after the other right down the line. We have several matching gates and arbor gates as well! Our fencing is unfinished and usually has a rusty finish. The majority of our customers will leave it unfinished for a truly maintenance free long lasting fence that fits with any decor. The fencing can be primed and painted as long as the surface is wire brushed. The gate that is made to work with this fencing is listed below in this category.

Wrought Iron Fence Installed by Brick Home

Our 4' Tall Wrought Iron Fence looks right at home with classic architecture adding to its antique style while solidly creating perimeter boundaries for pets and visitors. Expect our antique style fence panels to last a lifetime.

Wrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose YardsWrought Iron 4 Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose Yards
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Wrought Iron 4' Tall Fencing - Metal Fence To Enclose Yards