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All About The Colors We Paint

It Is All About Color - You Pick The Right Surface That Works For You

We Let You Choose The Surface Color.

It may take a day or two longer to process your order but we paint your purchase after we get the order. This allows us to offer you many more colors choices.

Each product line that we carry has a different group of color choices. We have a sample picture for each color grouping that you will find throughout our web site.

Wrought Iron Products

  • We offer Vintage Colors that we hand paint from the latex outdoor paints. This technique is accomplished by Dry Brushing the paint over the items but not a Full Coat. We leave a dark color in the crevasses. This creates a vintage worn look that works well for the country - antique - shabby chic decorators.
  • Our Fashion Colors have a Primer Base Coat sprayed on first then we top the product with one of 20 different colors. We use Rust-oleum Satin Spray Paints for the ultimate COVERAGE and DURABILITY.

Cast Iron and Aluminum Planters and Pedestals

  • Our Cast Iron Products are modeled from antique 100 year old products so we give you the colors the would reflect the Old World Charm. We paint with a Rustoleum primer and paint..

Antique Wooden Ladders

  • With Paint Drips - This popular category offers wooden Antique Ladders shipped to you still wearing old paint drips from years use around the home. Great for the Shabby Chic Decorator.
  • Little or No Paint Drips - Due to the many years of use these antique ladders will surely have a few drips of old paint but we try and pick the cleanest that we have if you choose this option.
  • Many Color Choices - When painting an old wooden ladder we feel that Flat Paint Colors work the best so we hand paint them using the best outdoor latex paints. You will find that we have Full Coat Coverage as well as Dry Brushed Coverage for a more Vintage Look.

Rustic Home Decor - Pallet Furniture, Trencher Boxes & More

  • This line of Home Decor is all made from reclaimed wooden objects. We make tables and trenchers out of old wooden pallets. We decided to create colors for our recycled designs using our Outdoor Latex Paint but still keep the Vintage look by sanding the edges or doing a base coat with a dry brushed top coat.

If you don't see your favorite Color Choice in the listing that you want just Call Us - 866 514 2733. Since we hand paint our products we are happy to paint your purchase with your favorite color and technique to work with your decorating style.

Our Rust-oleum Colors Defined

Here we will define some of our wrought iron colors so you make the right choice for your new purchase.

  • Aqua - Soft Turquoise
  • Blossom White - Our Whitest Satin Color
  • Colonial Red - Good Country Red, Not Orange, Not Christmas
  • Espresso - Rich Dark Brown Color
  • Heirloom White - Off White, Great White Color
  • Lagoon - Deep Turquoise
  • Summer Squash - Strong Yellow Color
  • Moss Green - Deep Green But Not Dark
  • Paprika - Soft Orange Blends With Autumn Colors
  • Wildflower Blue - It's Blue
  • Sweet Pea - Pretty In Pink
  • Granite Gray - Deeper Gray Color
  • Hunt Club Green - Dark Green
  • Green Apple - Pretty Light Green
  • Warm Caramel - Just like it says - Good enough to eat
  • Nutmeg - Good Brown Color without being dark
  • Canyon Black - Black
  • Midnight Blue - Our Darkest Blue
  • Cinnamon - The color of Rust
  • Strawflower - Soft Yellow, Most Like Our Vintage Yellow

Rust-oleum Paint - The Very BEST Paint

Only Use The Best

Rust-oleum is the BEST Paint for all your painting needs. Most of our item processing is accomplished using Rust-oleum paints as the last step by putting the best surface to insure long lasting COLOR.

The breakthrough technology of Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x means you'll get twice the coverage in a single pass - which means your project will be done in half the time at half the cost of competitive brands. All of that, plus a smooth finish with dozens of popular color options. Enjoy!


What's Rusty Finish Look Like?

Just what you would think it is. Metal when exposed to moisture will rust or oxidize. Our Rusty Option is just that RUSTY METAL. Our customers want this surface on there items because it adds a primitive vintage look and the color POPS out in the landscape with the contrast of blue sky, green grass and buildings.

This VINTAGE - ANTIQUE look has been popular for decades and will not be fading away very soon. We find more and more customers appreciating this raw primitive look.

We age new metal to rust and in the beginning they take on a orange color which deepens to dark brown over time. Your products with not RUST AWAY. We use a good quality of metal that last for years and years without any top coat finishes.

And it is FREE!

All About The Colors We Paint