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Buying Guide to Purchase 5' tall Wrought Iron Fencing

What To Buy - 5' Tall Yard Fence

Our wrought iron 5' tall is a great height for your yard or to enclose your business property. The 5' height keeps a barrier for security around your home and because of its solid steel construction it works well for business installations. Many of our customers pick this height for swimming pool fencing.

Our customers find that they need narrower sections to fill their space so we cut the panels in our welding department to "keep it simple" for the purchaser. We can help you figure exactly the number of panels or sections and gates that you will need. We have a Fence Request Quote Form to fill out so we can help you with all your measurements to get you the perfect fit.

We build small narrow gates to span a pathway up to large driveway gates to fit any opening. To see all our products for your fencing project go to our 5' Fencing listing to find the perfect gates for your needs.

Full Sections are 43.5" x 60" tall

Anchor Posts for a Strong Attractive Fence

We offer 2 Styles of Fence Posts for the 5' tall fencing. This tall heavy fencing requires posts at each end, corners and the gateways. For long runs of fence you should place a post at a minimum of every 4 sections. You the customer can decide if you would like the posts closer for look you are after. Whether you use a post every 4 panels or every 2 panels the fencing will be strong and make your neighbors envious.

The most economical post is the 1.5" square post with the cast iron finial shown in most pictures. It coordinates well with the fencing. The other option is the heavier - beefier post. This post is 3" square and hollow but the walls are thick and strong.

All posts can be purchased to stake in the ground or mounted with a metal shoe to bolt to a hard surface like your patio, sidewalk or deck. We hand make your post and weld the tabs to fit the application. An end post might need to attach the fence on one side where a corner needs tabs on 2 sides. We make sure you have everything you need.

The last picture is a finial topped steel rod. We provide these to connect panels when a anchor post is not used. You can purchase extras. These are great to have as plant supports around your yard and garden.

Choose Your Anchor Posts

Installation Videos

These short videos will help you understand how our wrought iron works. You will learn some helpful hints on the installation process.

How to Install Our Wrought Iron Fence - Tips & Tricks Tutorial

How-To Video : 5 Foot Video Installation

Buying Guide to Purchase 5' tall Wrought Iron Fencing