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Antique Cupboards

If you enjoy unique antique furniture shop here in the Country Cupboards category. Our 25 years of buying and selling antique furniture has brought us to this collection. The country style is special because each piece is made individually by hand. No two pieces of antiques are exactly alike. Their history and exposure to the world determined the color and feel that they have today. Be your own person by picking out a truly unique antique cupboard or cabinet to warm up your living space.

Having started my education in antique furniture by refinishing the surface in the late 1970s my style has changed to accepting each characteristic with appreciation. Every nick and ding has history. The painted surface shows how meager our ancestors were when updating their possessions. By spending a few pennies on a gallon of paint, color could enhance the look, and they could save their money for necessities.

Antique Cupboards