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Customized to Fit Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Rack

Customized to Fit Wrought Iron Fireplace Log RackThis firewood log rack is for a fireplace or small space and made from our historical style solid metal fencing. Made strong and rugged for hard use. We can fit your space and this one has utensil hooks on the left but we can make this to work with your needs.

As with many of our products, we are asked to make the 1st one then others benefit from the new item. The customer in this case was my husband. At our fireplace, we were using a wooden box that did not hold enough wood and he asked for this log rack. We made it to fit our space so it is 23.5" wide and 36" tall. For this size we put the top Right to Left Support at the back. Notice with our larger log rack the top support is centered in the middle of the sides to give even more support. This is not necessary in this small one and allows us to stack our wood higher.

We are completely open to making a log rack to fit your size requirements.

Shipped in a rusty unfinished metal surface.

Customized to Fit Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Rack