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Vintage Apple Orchard Wooden Ladders

Vintage Apple Orchard Wooden LaddersThese tall decorative wooden ladders saw many years of use in local orchards picking Midwest peaches, apples and more. While these reclaimed ladders are not for climbing, they'll make great decorations in your country living or garden decor.

Most of these wooden ladders have the old gray coloring of reclaimed wood only Time and the outdoors elements provide. Expect to have paint drips, knicks and dings from years on the farm when you get your ladder delivered.

These are old used wood ladders that we are selling for an upcycled country decorative accent. Please note that they are NOT FOR CLIMBING. Our ladders are to be used for hanging quilts, pots, and miscellaneous items. If you choose to climb these ladders that tumble you take is your responsibility, and you will be doing it at your own risk.

Vintage Apple Orchard Wooden Ladders