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Metal Topiaries & Garden Obelisks

Metal Topiaries & Garden ObelisksA Wrought Iron Garden Topiary and Garden Obelisk accents your decorative garden and flower pots. Buy our wrought iron garden supports for sale to add new heights and levels to your gardens with supports that outlast wooden plant forms.

Some popular garden pot topiaries include the Twist Topiary, the Wrought Iron Bob Plant Support, and Triangle Ball Topiary.

Shop our larger obelisks and wrought iron plant supports like our 54" Wrought Iron Rose Topiary and this Biggest Square Obelisk Flower Topiary.

72" Metal Rose Vegetable Trellis - Pyramid Obelisk
$299.95, 2/$579.90, 4/$1,119.80, 6/$1,619.70
X X Large Rose Topiary Trellis - Big Obelisk
$349.95, 2/$659.90, 4/$1,279.80, 6/$1,799.70

Metal Topiaries & Garden Obelisks