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Buying Guide to Help You Purchase 4' Wrought Iron Fencing

4' Tall Fence Options

We have put together a buying guide that will help you choose the right fencing, gates and posts to work with your yard and at the same time show you different options to that fit your budget.

The 1st group of products show you the most economical connecting wrought iron fence panels with gates. We provide all the staking posts except with your run of fencing stops like at a sidewalk, tree or building.

Notice the finial topped rods connect the fencing. Don't forget to order a few extras. These are wonderful to have around for plant stakes and useful in your garden.

Use our partial sections of fencing to fit your space. We can help you with these so don't hesitate to contact us. We can adjust widths even more to fit your space right down to the inch.

GATES We know that every customer has a different situation so we have several gates from small pathway gates to large driveway gates to fit any opening. Find all our products for your fence project at our 4' fence listing.

On a Budget? - 4' Fencing Options With Stakes

Metal Anchor Posts Change The Look

Adding a few square posts will bring the cost of your fencing project up but notice how the fencing looks more pronounced.

For just a few dollars more you can place our 1.5" square posts at each side of your gates and at your corners. This will provide the look more appropriate for our heavy solid steel fencing.

Many of our customers use these 1.5" posts periodically down long runs of fencing. We can provide you these posts that can be bolted to hard surfaces like sidewalks, patios and decks.

Notice we also carry a heavier - beefier posts that some customers prefer. Both styles are strong and will be adequate to support all our fencing heights.

Check Our Posts With 4' tall Fencing and Gates

Helpful Videos

Our videos will help you see how easy it is to install our metal fencing. You will find several helpful hints that will save you time and help you better understand our connecting yard fence.

Fence and Gate Videos

Buying Guide to Help You Purchase 4' Wrought Iron Fencing