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Wrought Iron Flower Baskets

Wrought Iron Flower BasketsWrought iron baskets for hanging, decorating, or planting herbs and flowers.

I like planting my wrought iron hanging baskets and containers by lining inside, then adding rich potting soil and time-released fertilizers.

Buy wrought iron baskets plant-ready with Braun installed

A Rustic Garden offers a Dark Green Moisture Mat Liner for planters. We will cut it to fit so it is ready to plant. This is the best plant liner product on the market that will keep your soil moist longer so you water your flowers less often. Designed to provide exceptional water retention with superior insulation. Manufactured by Braun a leader in Horticulture Products. This moisture mat liner is an option when ordering your garden container from A Rustic Garden.

Wrought Iron Flower Baskets