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3' Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

3' Wrought Iron Fencing & GatesEasy to Install Metal Yard Fence and Gates That Keep your Children and Animals Safe. Solid steel fencing to last a lifetime and more. Choosing the right fencing to surround your home or business can be a challenging process. I really think you will find our rustic fence perfect for your DIY project. If you want to talk it over with us... not a problem. 866.514.2733

We have a Buying Guide for 3 ft tall metal fence that can help you with different post options.

New Paint Offer.

We now offer our wrought iron fencing and gates in 12 Rust-Oleum Colors. The painting fee will only be 15 percent of the sale. We do recommend leaving your fence UNPAINTED for less upkeep yet know some projects need a special finish. Be advised that some touch up is necessary after delivery and installation.

4' Wide Wrought Iron Gate For 3' Fence
Reg. Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $199.00

3' Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates