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3' Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

3' Wrought Iron Fencing & GatesEasy to Install Metal Yard Fence and Gates That Keep your Children and Animals Safe. Solid steel fencing to last a lifetime and more. Choosing the right fencing to surround your home or business can be a challenging process. I really think you will find our rustic fence perfect for a faster DIY project. If you want to talk it over with us... not a problem. 866.514.2733

We have a Buying Guide for 3 ft tall metal fence that can help you with different post options.

We continue to add fencing options so you can pick the right style and size for your home or business. Go to our Fence Post options that help you specialize your look. Wrought Iron corner and gateway anchors can make a huge difference in your fencing project.

4' Wide Vintage Wrought Iron Gate For 3' Tall Fence
Reg. Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Wrought Iron Mohita Metal Arbor Gate
Reg. Price: $1,145.00
Sale Price: $1,059.00

3' Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates