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Old Primitive 6 Rung Ladder - Vintage

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Our vintage Old ladders come in all sizes. We cut long ladders to the length you need to decorate your home. We can cut ladders that are wider at the bottom that might measure 24" wide and taper up to 19".

Another option would be a straight ladder that is close to the same width at the top as the bottom. These can vary in width so let us know if you want to a special size. Measures approximately 72" long.

***These are old used ladders that we are selling for a country decorative accent. Please note that they are NOT FOR CLIMBING. Our ladders are to be used for hanging quilts, pots, and miscellaneous items. If you chose to climb these ladders be advised that we are not responsible and you will be doing it at your own risk.

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Old Primitive 6 Rung Ladder - VintageOld Primitive 6 Rung Ladder - Vintage

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Old Primitive 6 Rung Ladder - Vintage