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Wrought Iron Flower Trellises

Wrought Iron Flower TrellisesOur hand-made metal flower trellises help your flowers grow high. Pick a size and style to add beautiful color to your flower garden and landscaping.

Some popular trellises include 89" Tall Shoulder Trellis, 75" Triple Finial Trellis, 61" Heart Garden Trellis.

Find the perfect wrought iron flower trellis. The selection ranges in size to fit all your needs. These are wonderful and bring back fond memories of flower gardens and country decor. We have a local man making a gate trellis just like my grandmother's yard gate that went to her chicken yard.

Our other trellis category sections include Metal Topiaries & Garden Obelisks, Yard Art Balls, and Wrought Iron Sundials.

Many steel trellises nest, so shipping can be combined, although our shipping calculator does not always reflect this.

Wrought Iron Flower Trellises