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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my benefits from buying wrought iron fence from you?

We work with you one-on-one to get an iron fence or wrought iron gate crafted specifically to your design. Our customers will tell you that we ship fast. We'll create the fence based on solid, sturdy designs that have lasted 100 years. The fencing will also be easy to install.

Share your ideas, and we'll engineer your iron fence down to the inch!

What is your warranty? Do you offer one?

We don't offer a warranty because warranties contain fine print and loopholes. We absolutely stand behind our products 100 percent, and if you have an issue let's get it fixed immediately. Another reason is because your order will be custom to your needs. Our wrought iron fence designs will last generations, and other products like cast iron urns will outlast a 25-year warranty.

We prefer working together and servicing you. The other option is to offer one item, with no customization, mass produce it (and mark up pricing 500%) and ship it with a 25-year warranty. That's not us. That's for the big box store down your street.

Ok, what if my item arrives broken from shipping?

We'll replace it, repair it or work with you to make the order right. If the item requires shipment back to us, it'll be your expense. We're a small, family-owned business, and we're unable to absorb return costs at this time.

We'll work with you. For example, if a freight company roughly handles a custom fence panel to where a weld breaks, it might be effective to talk to your neighbor who welds, and repair it, rather than shipping it back and forth. On any order issues, phone us toll free:

When was this Antique made and where?

I began refinishing antiques in the late 1970's for neighbors and friends. Buying and selling became the next step and I've continued for the past 25 years. Country furniture and primitives are my love so the marketing move to rustic garden items was a really good fit for me. When you live and breathe antiques for all these years you just know it. ~ Susan

What is Cost to Ship?

See the shipping cost in your shopping cart. Enter your state and click the gray apply button to see shipping calculated. Canada customers can call in for a reduced shipping quote on some orders. Call us from Canada at 217.773.3766.

How do I know the quantity of fencing to order?

Draw us a sketch. Take a picture. Share your design. Send us your layout with measurements, and we will do the rest. We hand-craft pieces to fit your space right down to the inch!

What is a rustic finish?

Our finishes all have a rustic, vintage or even a "shabby" feel. We are happy to coat your items to fit your style so do let us know what you like. What decor or look are you going for? Share your ideas with us. We will work hard to make your order perfect.

Click Our Finishes.

Do you make your products yourself?

We bring the wrought iron garden decor from Mexico. We source cast iron urns manufactured in China. The connecting fencing and gates are made in welding shops here in Illinois. We purchase steel in large quantities to keep the cost reasonable. We create our fencing line of products from the antique fences designed 100 years ago.

Our weld shop and paint shop add craftsmanship and a customized look to your order of other rustic or vintage items.

Do you have a ladder the size I need?

We have a huge inventory of farm ladders used in painting around the house or barn; orchard ladders used in Midwest apple orchards; and sections of ladders cut down to make products like wine racks and pot holders.

Our pickers search three states here in the Midwest to bring us all sizes. We cut them to fit your space. In general, we will match the size and look you have in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions