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Do You Need Garden Fence Ideas?

Ornamental? Safety? Functional? WE CAN HELP YOU


Looking for a few panels of wrought fencing to create a border that can define areas in your garden?

Our Metal Border and Edging Fence is a great way to edge your flower garden, pathway or entertaining areas like your patio.

These panels of decorative fence are easy to install by just pushing them into your soil. For this reason they can be adjusted easily when your garden plans change. We try and keep many of the same styles year after year because our customers reorder to expand their fencing project. We are just showing you a Sampling in this buying guide so to our Border Fencing Page to see them all.


This fence is also easy to install by pushing in the ground. The difference that the panels connect. The ends have rings that you overlap then push the connecting stake through the rings and on into the ground.

I have had many customers that have dogs that like to lay in their flowers. They don't completely surround their beds but like this fencing because it deters them.

You need to know that we send 1 extra stake with each piece of border fence. You need to purchase an extra one when your run of fence stops for a sidewalk, scrub or at the far end.

Go here see more of our border Edging Fence that connects.


For many keeping your children and animals corralled and safe is the most important objective when you decide to purchase fence.

Yes we want fence that looks good but safety is really what our customers are after. We have both in our Wrought Iron Connecting Fence. Made of heavy solid steel with vertical rods 3 1/4" apart feel confident that this fence keep children and animals where they belong. The horizontal bars are far apart so it is not easy to climb.

To find all the sizes and information go to our Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates category.

3' TALL - 4' TALL - 5' TALL - 6' TALL


Functional - Not just to look good but - It has to work. We make it work. This is what sets us apart from other companies because we are here for you to talk to and work out all the details to make your project look fabulous and more importantly it WILL WORK.



Do You Need Garden Fence Ideas?